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Style Lined Fiberglass Lid

Stylish and accessible tonneau cover.
The Jason Rage tonneau cover features a style line that rounds out the look of any truck while maintaining  subtlety and cleanliness. Featuring an EZ push lock, lift assist arms, and a front piano hinge design, the Rage is easy to open and access cargo while keeping it secure


Strength Tested Rotary Latches

1,200 lb tested rotary latches ensures durable and reliable construction.

High Quality Paint

The highest quality Axalta paint is used to match your truck’s paint.

Powder Coated Hardware

Included hardware is powder coated black for a sleek, low profile look.

Exterior Style Line

Style line gives the top an aggressive look to match any truck body.

EZ Push Logo Lock

Ease of access and clean look with the EZ push logo lock.

Front Piano Hinge

Wide opening angle with the front piano hinge.

Interior Pull Strap

Close the top easily with the help of the included interior pull strap.

Lift Assist Arms

Easily open the top with included lift assist arms.

No Drill Installation

Drilling is not required, preserving your truck’s bed.

Strong Honeycomb Structure

Thick tri-cell honeycomb reinforced roof for strength and durability.

Trimless Skirted Edges

Skirted edges provide a seamless look to match the cover and bed.

Wrap Over Side and Rear Edges

Edges of the top wrap over rails to provide maximum protection.